The word "jones" is a slang term meaning to crave, want, or desire; or, to feel withdrawal from an activity of passion. The general slang meaning is often associated with addictive substance habits but can be applied on a more universal scale (e.g., jones'n for a donut).

This definition was originally derived from another term "keeping up with the Jones'," which was popular in the early twentieth century but rarely used these days. In this definition, the Jones' were intended to be a person's theoretical more savvy or better off neighbors. To keep up with the Jones' was to act like them, buying what they had bought, dressing like they dressed, etc. From there, "to jones" or "jones'n" was a short step away.

Vertical Jones mag.

Vertical Jones magazine began in late 1997 as a publication focused on Midwestern climbing. In a land where lakes outnumber cliffs a thousand to one, Vertical Jones magazine attempts to quench a seemingly forsaken group of Heartland climbers with information about their own, rare climbing locales. We cover climbing in the states of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Michigan. In addition, we cover Midwest climbers' adventures to the other states, Canada and beyond. takes this premise to a more universal scale by helping every jones'n brother and sister satisfy their passion for vertical. Whether you're chillin' in a cubicle, taking notes in a lecture hall, or just working way too hard, can help. Explore these pages with a mind open to new experience. In life, it is the journey, not the destination that is truly the joy.