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kayak rodeo, 10:51 p.m., carlton, minnesota ... more pics


Stephen Regenold is a Minneapolis-based writer, reporter, editor, photographer, skier, climber, cyclist, orienteer, adventure racer, father, husband, dog owner, karaoke aficionado and all-around thrill-seeker. (He was classified an "experiencer" on a high school aptitude test, though the test also pegged him as a forester by trade. . . .)

Regenold's The Gear Junkie column on the outdoors is nationally syndicated in 12 newspapers throughout the United States. It runs weekly from Seattle to Albuquerque to St. Paul.

His writings and ruminations on the outdoors, fitness, sports and travel appear in publications like New York Times, Popular Science magazine, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune.

Browse the site for writing samples, a photo archive, résumé and contact information. Regenold is always seeking new writing and photography gigs. Editors may contact him at 612/723-0279,



5401 Wentworth Ave.; Minneapolis, MN 55419